Designing and construction of gas pipelines

TeleGroup performs construction of gas pipelines with medium and high gas pressure as well as gas distribution networks. We offer complete services on a “turnkey” base, which include designing of the infrastructure through construction works and casing on gas digs and drilling sights, machine (welding) works on pipeline construction, isolation works with testing for electrical penetration, complete radiography of welds and testing the strength and tightness of the pipelines.

Since 2008 for the investor YUGOROSGAZ a.d. Beograd, using the vast experience acquired through years of constructing telecommunication networks, expert personnel and adequate mechanization, TeleGroup has realized 7.8 km of medium pressure steel gas pipelines and over 58 km of gas distribution networks (polyethylene pipelines) in cities of Lučani, Niš, Aleksinac, Guča and Leskovac.


Designing and construction of gas infrastructure

  • Production of all types of projects and complete project documentation
    Project types: Conceptual design projects, feasibility studies, detailed designs, built design, technical review of the main project ipovi projekata
  • Integrated construction of gas and telecommunication infrastructure 
    The advantages of integrated construction is reflected through a reduction of total costs, while simultaneously addressing two infrastructural problems – thus ensuring minimal disruption of functionality and appearance of settlements caused by excavation works.
  • Execution of construction works
    We offer services in mechanical and manual excavation along the route of the gas distribution networks, along with bringing the route back to its original state.We perform drilling with underground installation of steel (polyethylene) pipes with the diameter of up to Ø 1500mm and length of up to 120m.
  • Performing machine – installation works
    Testing the built network, preparation of documents necessary for technical acceptance procedure. (Certificate for butt welding, welding certificate) 

Delivery and installation of equipment and materials

  • Polyethylene gas pipes
  • Electro fusion and butt fitting
  • Measuring – control sets for home and industry consumers


Hidrokomerc d.o.o. Lučani and PE-SISTEMI d.o.o. Novi Sad.


Yugorosgaz a.d. Beograd., PUC Suboticagas and Rumagas.  

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  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
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