Consulting, designing and construction of electric power facilities

The ever increasing need of modern society for electricity, obtained in the cleanest possible way, is causing a shift in people’s minds and is turning them towards renewable energy sources. Energy sources such as oil, coal and gas are not limitless, and with the current level of consumption these fuels will be gone in a few decades.

In the developed countries of Western Europe there is an exponential annual rise in investment in renewable energy sources (RES). Depending on the geographical location, terrain, amount and power of water streams and quantity of solar energy received, each country on its own territory is trying to take advantage of the 3 cleanest RES: Solar, Wind and Hydropower.

Our region boast a solid amount of waterstreams, thus better consumption of hydropower poses itself as a logical direction. However wind and solar energy should not be neglected. TeleGroup, following the trends in this field, offers consulting, designing and construction services for electrical power supply facilities as well as supply and installation of equipment necessary for implementation of technical solutions. Our company plan is to significantly expand our portfolio of services in this field in the upcoming period.


  • Consulting for choosing the best location when building small power plants, with respect to

    • the existing cadastre and land conditions
    • the existing electricity infrastructure
    • the estimated power output of the small hydro power plant
    • the cost of construction of the power plant

  • Design and construction of power supply facilities
      • Buildings for housing hydro units and other equipment
      • Water inlet and outlet
      • Mechanical and electrical equipment and installation
      • Measuring and protection equipment and installation
      • Installation of the equipment connected to the electrical distribution network

      • Delivery of electrical equipment and materials

        • Cables
        • Power transformers
        • HV and LV equipment...

      • Cambium Networks
      • Arris
      • polycom
      • motorola
      • cisco
      • Mitel
      • microsoft
      • ibm
      • check point
      • Blue Coat
      • nice
      • Noja Power
      • r and m