Telecom operators and service providers are facing with increasing market demands for the rich multimedia content provision on user devices in real time. These requirements include the HD video and audio content delivery to different devices, whether it comes to TV, PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. TeleGroup, through its partnerships with Arris, NanguTV, TriplePlay, Allegro and Vector, provides to video service providers an offer based on a complete solution that enables them to provide to their end users the perfect multimedia experience.





  • Broadband access
    • The EDGE QAM modulators
    • The CMTS cable modems  
    • Integrated services
    • Headend optical platform
    • Oprical nodes
    • Optical receivers
    • Amplifiers
  • Processing of video signals
    • Encoders
    • Transcoders
    • AVP
    • Platform for video processing
    • Digital audio and video processing
  • Software
    • Digital TV Security
    • Management of Multi Screen Services
    • Digital Signage, IPTV  and VoD solutions
    • Interactive TV services
  • Video content transmission
    • Set Top Box devices for IPTV
    • Set Top Box devices  for cable operators
    • Set Top Box devices for terrestrial television
    • The wireless router for video services over Wi-Fi network


In the cooperation with Arris, a global leader in the cable network solution  for broadband access, TeleGroup offers a complete solution for cable operators.


Arris APEX1000Arris APEX1000 is an EDGE QAM modulator of newest generation that can be used by practically all major digital service stations. It is a flexible solution with high performance and reliability. Within 1RU enclosure it can accommodate up to three QAM modules with two RF ports which support up to 8 QAM channels. Each of the 48 QA channels can be used for services such as video on demand, switched digital video, video distribution channels or EURO DOCSIS high speed data transfer. Please download the detailed documentation. Please download the detailed documentation

Arris APEX1500Arris  APEX1500  is an EDGE QAM modulator suitable for narrowcast applications such as video on demand (VOD). APEX1500 is economical solution placed in a 2RU unit. It is a modular solution that can support up to 96 QAM channels. The support for encryption of each VoD session is provided separately, so that there is no require for special unit encryption in the main station. Please download the detailed documentation

Arris APEX3000Arris APEX3000  is a universal edge QAM modulator with the latest technology that provides RF performance, modularity, redundancy in 4RU unit. Ideal for narrowcast applications. With APEX3000 the user can obtain 32RF ports with 48 channels per port for a total of 1536 channels. If the operator is not currently requiring the full number of QAM channels, this unit can be delivered with 16 channels per port, and later can be upgraded to full capacity. Please download the detailed documentation

CMTS cable modems 

Arris CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System)Arris CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) product family, C4 CMTS and C4c CMTS, increases revenue from a single chassis with the highest density per rack unit for the purpose of delivering more services at higher speeds. Innovative design minimizes interruptions and the time required for servicing. Designed for cable operators of broadband multimedia services, provides a quick and reliable service as well as growth in the future. Allows broadband multimedia services such as Internet, VoIP, VPN, IP video. Please download the detailed documentation

The integrated services 

Arris E6000Arris E6000 is a revolutionary new platform designed to support integrated services in broadband networks. It is fully redundant and supports hot-swap elements during operation. It has high density in terms of channels or groups of services per unit of rack space and allows revenue increasing per chassis for more services at higher speeds while reducing the cost per channel. Enables cable operators quick and easy introduction and broadband multimedia services expansion such as Internet, VoIP, VPN, IP video. Please download the detailed documentation

Headend optical platform

Arris CHP Max HeadendArris CHP Max Headend optical platform is ideal for cable operators who are looking for a new revenue per subscriber and want to increase the average revenue per unit, without major investments while reducing the complexity of the system at the same time. CHP Max Headend optical platform supports HFC, RFoG and EPON architecture for residential users, business services, metro E scheduling and applications over long links. It enables service providers to accelerate the implementation of advanced services such as VOD, high-speed Internet for data transmission and telephony.

CHP Max5000CHP Max5000 is a convergent platform that combines high-density headend, hub and digital transmission on one scalable system that enables service providers to accelerate the implementation of advanced services such as VOD, high-speed Internet for data transmission and telephony. Please download the detailed documentation

Optical nodes

In collaboration with Vector, a world leader in the field of HFC network, TeleGroup provides complete solutions that reduce capital expenditures and operating costs. These solutions improve the quality and functionality of the existing infrastructure of cable operators. Please download the detailed documentation: Vector Boostral 6710, Vector Boostral 6610, Vector Boostral 651,  Vector Beta Pro 60G

Boostral 6710Boostral 6610Boostral 651
Boostral 6710 Boostral 6610  Boostral 651

Optical receivers

Optical receivers of company Vector are designed for FTTx video reception on optical transmission systems.  Low-value noise allows them to work in small optical power that reduces connection costs. Please download detailed documentation:  Vector Lambda Pro 71/72,  Vector Lambda Pro 70, Vector Opti 50.

 Lambda Pro 71/72Lambda Pro 71   Opti 50
Lambda Pro 71/72 Lambda Pro 71  Opti 50


Amplifiers in HFC networks are necessary because of signal attenuation and distortion. With modern distributional Vector Hargon 2710, Vector Hargon 2730, Vector Hargon 2610, Vector Hargon 2630, Vector Hargon 261, Vector Hargon 251, Vector Beta Pro 20/21, completed Vector Hargon 2410 and trunk Vector Gamma Pro 40 amplifiers all your requirements will be fulfilled.

 Hargon 2730 Hargon 2630 Beta Pro 20/21 Hargon 251
Hargon 2730 Hargon 2630 Beta Pro 20/21 Hargon 251


Arris SE 7000Arris SE-7000 represents an encoder that supports SD and HD channels encoding and transcoding. Supports HEVC, AVC and MPEG2 encoding and transcoding formats up to 1080p for satellites and IPTV applications which bandwidth is very accurate. It also supports all of the options contained in the encoder series SE-6,000.

Arris SE-6400/6600Arris SE-6400/6600 represents encoders that support the SD and HD channels encoding and transcoding for satellites, cable and IPTV applications. Supports MPEG4 SD and HD encoding and transcoding and is designed to support 1080p resolution at 50 and 60Hz. This series supports perceptual video processing PVP which provides high compression ratio while maintaining high quality of video signals. Please download detailed documentation

Arris SE6300/6500Arris SE6300/6500 are encoders of high-performances that support video and audio content encoding and transcoding and provide output in MPEG4 standard in SD resolution. They are suitable for encoding and transcoding of signals for satellite, cable and IPTV systems. There is possibility of software extension and video signals processing in HD resolution. This series supports perceptual video processing PVP, which provides a high compression rate while maintaining high quality of video signals. Preuzmite dokumentaciju


Arris GT3-Multiple Bitrate (MBR) Transcoder za MultiscreenArris GT3-Multiple Bitrate (MBR) Transcoder for Multiscreen allows customers very fast 3 gigapixel video processing for achieving the highest video quality and a new experience for cable operators. Reduces operating costs and allows the best use of the limited range of access networks. It represents a high-density configuration, which supports up to 24 inputs. Supports all SD and HD video inputs and outputs on TVs, tablets and smart phones.

AVP - processing video signals 

Arris AVP 100 (Adaptive Video Packager)Arris AVP 100 (Adaptive Video Packager) enables video service providers to provide superior multi-screen experience, create play lists and encryption for video delivery at any time from any place. Accepts live video or video on demand (VoD) in any combination of MPEG-2. Video can be packed and coded on the original server where it can be forwarded to tablets, PCs, IP Set Top Box devices and smart phones. Provides redundancy in content sharing. Contains functional graphical user interface for the system load, alarms, event tracking as well as configuration and live streaming management. Please download detailed documentation

Arris CAP-1000 (Cherry-Picker Application Platform)Arris CAP-1000 (Cherry-Picker Application Platform) is a popular CherryPicker ® solution for digital video stream processing. It is based on the IP protocol and allows video stream processing of the total flow to 2Gbps. It is suitable for SD and HD video content processing with the possibility to add local video content, shape the flow, statistical remultiplexing, insert advertisements. It also possesses a lot of other advanced functionalities. Please download detailed documentation

The platform for video processing

Tantrax Tantrax is the IP Headend oriented modular platform for the receipt and distribution of digital television. Thanks to its enormous capabilities and functionality, Tantrax is ideal for Internet service providers, HFC operators and television productions. Tantrax is a universal solution with the standard chassis for mounting in a rack and a height of 1RU with 6 slots for modules inserting that can be installed in any combination. Supports all types of input IP, ASI, QAM, SAT, COFDM, SDI and all types of output IP, QAM, ASI, COFDM. It also supports modules for encoding, decoding, scrambling, descrambling, and transcoding. Please download detailed documentation

RotonRoton is EdgePal modulator that contains multiple functions and thus makes it a universal solution. In the era of digital television the technology is changing. New TV receivers are able to receive DVB-T signals, in which case the operators are able to provide services in a simple and cost-effective manner without buying STBs. Also at the same time it is necessary to distribute the analog signal. Roton provides distribution of analog signals as well as very easy migration to digital TV using COFDM. With its universal application meets all the needs of cable operators, hotels, hospitals and similar users. Please download detailed documentation

Digital audio and video processing

Through partnership with leading digital audio and video processing company Allegro, TeleGroup can offer expertise focused on the H.264/AVC & HEVC standards.

DVT products include a comprehensive product line for H.264 and HEVC encoding:

  • World’s highest density H.264 multiscreen transcoder: AL2400
  • Live HEVC multiscreen encoders: AL1200, AL2200
  • HEVC encoder for 4K VOD: AL3200
  • Video packager for all OTT TV ecosystems: ALFragmenter
  • Multiviewers: ALMosaic
  • Transcoder: Genova File Transcoder

Customers for this products are:

  • Silicon vendors
  • Set-top box, mobile phone and DVD/BluRay player manufacturers
  • Satellite, cable and Telco operators

Allegro DVT AL2400 transkoderAllegro DVT AL2400 high density live transcoder ingests MPEG-2 and H.264 compressed inputs and delivers live audio/video outputs in all formats simultaneously, adapted to broadcast, IPTV, PiP and Multiscreen/Over-The-Top TV.
Supported formats can then be delivered to various targets such as mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and PC players atthe same time, for catching the broadest audience.

AL2400 includes support for MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, MS Live Smooth Streaming, Adobe Flash RTMP, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, 3GPP / Edge Mobile TV, IPTV and Picture-in-Picture. Adaptive streaming encoding allows viewers to experience the best video quality allowed by their local and instantaneous network conditions.

Please download the detailed documentation

Allegro DVT AL2000 Allegro DVT AL2000 live multiscreen encoder ingests MPEG-TS/IP or HD-SDI inputs, and delivers live audio/video outputs in all formats simultaneously, adapted to broadcast, IPTV, PiP and Multiscreen/Over-The-Top TV.
Supported formats can then be delivered to various targets such as mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and PC players at the same time, for catching the broadest audience.

AL2000 includes support for MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, Microsoft Live Smooth Streaming, Adobe Flash RTMP, Adobe HDS, 3GPP / Edge Mobile TV, IPTV and Picture-in-Picture. Adaptive streaming encoding allows viewers to experience the best video quality allowed by their local and instantaneous network conditions.

Please download the detailed documentation

Allegro AL3200Allegro AL3200 is DVT’s latest AVC/HEVC encoding product. It is designed to convert large scale assets libraries coming from broadcasters, and currently stored in H.264 / MPEG-2 format, to upcoming HEVC. The purpose is to achieve both storage reduction, and bitrate savings when transmitting to the viewers’ devices. AL3200 can operate as a singleton transcoder, and as a node of a pool in order to increase processing speed.

Furthermore, AL3200 encoding nodes interface with Allegro DVT cluster manager.

Please download the detailed documentation

Allegro ALOriginAllegro ALOrigin is a multi-format delivery platform, for Live and VOD multiscreen / OTT TV, designed for:


  • Content creation (Catch-up, nPVR, VOD assets generation for multiscreen / OTT TV). In this scenario, assets generation from live can be scheduled and assigned to different ALOrigin nodes. Content can be sourced from live or from a mezzanine HLS repository.
  • Leveraging multiscreen/OTT delivery infrastructure: ALOrigin can be used for HTTP content origination, timeshifting or edge packaging. It ingests live or VOD mezzanine content from encoders and delivers it in multiple formats, to allow for Adaptive Streaming and progressive download on all devices, over the Internet or operators’ managed network.

Please download the detailed documentation

Allegro DVT ALMosaic real-time mosaic generator is an IP in/out audio/video unit aimed at generating a user configurable mosaic page. It can be used for channel browsing in live EPG, or monitoring applications.

Allegro DVT ALMosaic

The unit ingests up to 20 MPEG-2 or H.264 simultaneous live or file video input feeds on IP, and displays them as many video thumbnails assembled into one single video output. The 20 thumbnails’ sizes and positions can be set independently over a user-defined background picture, and the scene can be manually or automatically updated. The composited scene is delivered in SPTS/UDP/IP or OTT TV formats, in HD or SD resolution, multiplexed with the thumbnails’ associated audio feeds. ALMosaic displays 2.0 and 5.1 dynamic audio bargraphs, supports round-robin channels cycling among a large number of input streams and issues SNMP alarms for audio silence, audio peaks, video freeze, video black, etc.

The unit comes in a single rack unit (19” x 1RU). It is easily administered by SNMP/WebServices/WebGUI and supports redundancy with N+P flexible schemes and network teaming. Several ALMosaic generators can be cascaded to deliver up to 39, 58, 77 or more channels on a single page, with only 2, 3, 4 or more ALMosaic units.

Please download the detailed documentation

See also movie IP Mosaic Generator in a real environment

Genova File EnkoderAllegro Genova File Encoder is a comprehensive software suite designed for encoding existing VOD assets to H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC. Its modular architecture makes it suitable for encoding on a single serve  r, or a private cloud. It can be remotely managed/monitored and integrates well within existing content processing workflows.

Please download the detailed documentation


Digital TV Security

Bezbednost digitalnog video sadržajaThrough partnership with leading video security company Verimatrix, TeleGroup provides for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services for cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV and OTT operators to cost-effectively extend their network security envelope and enable new business models.

Security solutions

The Verimatrix approach offers flexible layers of protection techniques to address evolving business needs and revenue threats. The Verimatrix 3-Dimensional Security strategy addresses key technology issues facing operators with a combination of:

  • Network dimension – Best of breed encryption and harmonized multinetwork rights management for the widest range of delivery networks, including broadcast satellite, cable and terrestrial, IPTV and hybrid, video-on-demand (VOD), mobile, Internet TV and OTT services.
  • Device dimension – Beyond the living room to computers and on-the-go applications. The technology approach includes a hardened, downloadable Verimatrix ViewRight ONE™ security core for set top boxes (STBs), PCs and Macs, as well as off-the-shelf consumer electronics including iOS and Android devices using HTTP adaptive rate streaming.
  • Threat dimension – Since not all threats to digital TV security look alike, VCAS (Video Content Authority System) offers a layered set of tools and techniques to enable a flexible system protection profile. Features such as hardening, fingerprinting, watermarking and clone detection help operators address potential revenue loss from theft of service while rapid renewability provides a fast countermeasure capability.

Verimatrix helps operators turn these challenges into opportunities for growth by:

  • Extending the operator brand and subscriber relationship beyond the living room screen
  • Addressing the competitive impact and opportunities of Internet TV/OTT and mobile video
  • Providing personalized choices and viewing models across a growing number of devices
  • Enabling content delivery and monetization spanning multiple networks and geographies
  • Assuring subscriber loyalty, enhanced ARPU, and new revenue streams via self-management services, innovative online applications, targeted advertising, etc.

VCAS System Architecture

The VCAS market-specific solutions are built on a common platform with modular extensions per segment. It implements a single security authority across multiple networks and devices, supporting various video and digital rights management (DRM) formats while providing a harmonized entitlement management.

VCAS System Architecture

A key VCAS value-add is the common entitlement and management interface, which provides a single point of integration with business management systems. Uniquely, while any DRM may support a multi-device domain concept, VCAS enables cross-DRM domain management. Specifically, when content is entitled to a subscriber’s domain (as opposed to a device), it is automatically available to all that domain’s devices, whether IPTV, DVB, Hybrid, HLS, MPEG-DASH, Marlin or PlayReady DRM clients.

VCAS Market Specific Solutions

The VCAS revenue security solutions support digital TV operators in a number of market segments.

Thanks to the vast Verimatrix partner ecosystem, operators can choose from a wide variety of preintegrated components, such as middleware and subscriber management systems (SMS), VOD and asset management servers, and hundreds of receiver models, including DVB, IPTV and hybrid set-top boxes, Windows and Mac OS computing platforms, iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

VCAS for IPTV & IP-Hybrid

VCAS for IPTV is the market leading digital TV security solution for pay-TV services over managed IP networks. VCAS for IPTV fully exploits the power and elegance of modern two-way IP infrastructure to provide a superior level of multi-screen content and revenue security for IP and hybrid STBs, PCs and other client devices.


VCAS for DVB enables digital TV operators to implement standards-based and proven Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology for broadcast (one-way) networks, supporting multiple network topologies from a single head-end.

VCAS for Internet TV

VCAS for Internet TV provides a complete digital TV security solution for OTT services over networks implementing the HTTP Live Streaming protocol (HLS). The protocol optimizes the video quality for any given bandwidth and screen resolution. VCAS for Internet TV secures OTT services to multiple screens and across multiple networks, including both live (broadcast) and video-on-demand delivery.

As the trend setting IPTV content and revenue security supplier, Verimatrix has applied its extensive experience in protecting video services delivered over managed IP networks. VCAS for Internet TV includes studio-endorsed enhancements to the baseline HLS protocol, making it suitable for delivering high-value OTT TV content. It enhances the basic HLS security model with capabilities such as device authentication and stream by stream entitlement management. In particular, VCAS ensures that decryption keys are kept safe and distributed to authorized clients only.

MultiRights – Multi-DRM Solutions

Verimatrix MultiRights is a component within VCAS that brings CE devices with embedded, non- Verimatrix DRM clients under the VCAS unified security umbrella together with devices already incorporating Verimatrix ViewRight® clients. The goal is not “DRM unification” as much as user rights unification to enable transparent and frictionless content access for the end-users.

The MultiRights framework allows for the inclusion of any third-party DRM scheme and client devices under the VCAS umbrella for complete end-to-end management of revenue security. MultiRights provides server-side support for secure content distribution to STBs, PCs, and off-the-shelf CE and mobile devices, when equipped with native media players and DRM clients.

StreamMark and VideoMark Forensic Watermarking

Verimatrix has been investing in watermarking R&D for more than 10 years and is a recognized force in the practical application and commercialization of forensic video marking solutions. Watermarking and related techniques are important components of the company’s layered content and revenue security strategy. After pioneering watermark insertion in the video output of set-top boxes and PCs with VideoMark™, Verimatrix introduced another innovative revenue security tool, StreamMark®, for unicast and multi-device service delivery. Common to both solutions is an emphasis on invisible payload insertion, so as not to impact the consumer experience, while supporting the full range of features that content rights owners require, including legally defensible identification. Both solutions are trusted for marking and tracking early release window high value content.

Verimatrix is the only company that offers fully integrated conditional access and video watermarking solutions for both managed and unmanaged networks.

Multi Screen services management

In cooperation with the manufacturer Arris, a global leader in IPTV technology, TeleGroup offers a complete IPTV solutions and systems for the multiscreen services management for telecom operators, cable and other video service providers.

Arris MediosArris Medios is a multi-screen management software that enables video service providers to deliver next-generation services, when it comes to video content delivery. It allows better management of resources, documents, wages, insurance and personal experiences that video service providers brings in an ideal position to determine "what's next" in the era of the Internet and TV. It has advanced features software modules for content delivery and services management, then the maximum flexibility, easy integration and rapid development of new services. Please download detailed documentation

Arris DreamGallery™

Arris DreamGallery ™ is a software application that allows personalizing of the subscriber experience supporting all popular video devices. DreamGallery is using HTML5 technology in cloud environment, providing a consistent TV guides look and other video content with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and all from a centralized server that is located in a Cloud environment.

Installation of DreamGallery software application drastically reduces the time of video service providers that is needed for placement of new services with the possibility of advertising and environment customization. Also, with the portal generator the connection of new applications is possible, as well as the development of software tools in HTML5, which is a very easy way to develop new client applications for STB and TV. This allows new functionalities for subscribers and therefore video service providers have more chance to increase overall revenues and create competitive advantage.

Arris SecureMedia®Arris SecureMedia®
is a protection technology for range of digital content from TV and VoD broadcasting to games and music over various types of networks (xDSL, FTTx, cable and satellite). SecureMedia is designed to provide the highest level of security facilities with efficient and low-cost labor. With long-term and upgradeable design allows future generation reliable content view at anytime and anywhere. Arris Medios + software integration is enabled and allows service providers to develop easy their offer and personalize customer experiences on multiple screens and networks.

ARRIS ServAssure Performance ManagementThe rapid growth of subscribers, services and traffic is a challenge for service providers to profitably and responsibly manage complex networks. With ARRIS ServAssure Performance Management software, video service providers (operators) have access to the entire network status and the ability to proactively manage the process of data transfer at high speeds, VoIP performances and quality of service. Enhances network capacity, performances and reliability of continuous detailed performance analysis, preventive maintenance and expert recommendations. Creates and analyzes the traffic of subscribers; connects measurements and creates a series of unique, accurate measurements of individual performances of subscribers, the availability and quality of services with which operators (video service providers) can satisfy even the most demanding users. Please download detailed documentation

Digital Signage, IPTV and VoD solutions 

In the cooperation with the manufacturer TriplePlay, TeleGroup offers complete Digital Signage (digital signature), IPTV and VoD (video on demand) solutions suitable for use in almost all market segments such as financial and public sector, education, large, medium and small businesses, health, hospitality, marine, energy, mining, trade, sports, tourism and so on.

Digital Media rešenja

Digital Media solution

  • TripleTV is IPTV solution that enables the distribution of television content on all TV screens and devices. It also enables broadcast channels through IP network without reducing the quality of the content. It is suitable for any distribution system, for the broadcast from satellite, terrestrial channels and cable distribution. Combines over 200 channels from these sources.
  • TripleVoD solution provides access to video content from any compatible device at any time
  • TripleStream solution in work with TripleVoD and TripleTV solutions, allows live content monitoring on all compatible IP devices.

Digital Signage solution

  • TripleSign solution enables the use of multiple media formats such as video, live TV, RSS feeds, text and images that remain engraved in memory.
  • TripleLite and TripleLite + represent cheaper versions of TripleSign solution for those who need an electronic posters which is just one of the functionalities of the complete Digital Singnage (digital signature) solutions.

Solutions for system improving 

TriplePlay is the "browser media player" that allows TripleVoD and TripleTV releasing on PC and MAC computers. It is very resistant to malicious attacks on the network and also provides a high quality of content review.
  • TripleGuide gives users a program guide access, translation, and the listing of all available channels
  • TripleTV + enables pause, rewind, fast content browsing and recording
  • TripleCode provides re-encoding of MPEG streams from one audio/video codec in the second
  • TripleMux combines motion pictures, slides or images into a single MPEG stream, after which in combination with the audio file creates multicast stream
  • TripleNVoD enables making  delayed TV channel that runs sequentially with the live channel live
  • TripleDVD also provides copy of any VoD content to DVD disc
  • TripleLive omogućava da se kamera poveže sa TipleTV sistemom
  • TripleLive allows camera to be connected to the TipleTV  system

System management

  • TripleChoice is the portal through which customization and personalization a strong brand image can be presented
  • TripleTouch provides control of Digital Media solutions with a tablet or smartphone
  • TripleCast can be used for centralized management of content distribution to more remote locations
  • TripleCMS represents management platform with a set of tools for content management and updating on VoD server
  • TripleData can be used for recording data of reviewed content and for the creation of appropriate reports
  • TripleCare is a web-based subscription management system that is used for the set-top box, PC and Mac control.

Please download the documentation

Interactive TV services

NANGA TVIn the cooperation with the manufacturer Nangu TV, TeleGroup offers interactive TV services. It allows end users to consume TV content at any time from any device (PC, laptop, TV, tablet or smart phone). It also provides a mix of linear and non-linear TV services with VoD, then the content for users and operators, as well as interactive applications offered through controllable (standard IPTV services) and unmanaged (over  OTT/internet) networks.

Funcionalities for end users

  • Linear  TV
    • Review of current channels and available services
    • Quick access to the common channels and special functions
    • Quick navigation through the channels - a review of what is happening on other channels
    • Detailed information about the program
    • Arranging of the video and audio channels displayed on a single channel
    • The choice of language and audio system
    • Teletext
    • It can be used in various supported devices
  • Non-linear TV
    • The users can watch programs that have already been running, can turn back time and select a special program that has already been broadcasted or began to be transmitted (Time Shift TV/Catch Up TV)
    • Pause the live program
    • The storage area for recording content
    • The easy way to record series, a chapter or an entire series
    • Video on Demand (VOD)
    • Content of recommendations
  • Applications
    • For the weather forecast
    • Classic Games
    • Radio aplications
    • Pair devices
  • Platform characteristics
    • Easy application development (for example social networks, online betting, online ordering of products and services, etc.)

Funcionalities for operators

  • The wholesale model - the operator can become a service provider connecting to other providers on NanguTV network. Each virtual operator can manage its clients and services and can create and adapt their own unique look as data for billing and payment
  • Android and iOS apps allow you to use smart phones and android applications at home and on the move
  • Unified content and billing management
  • CND integration, scalability and redundancy
  • Integration of old STB devices in the system
  • Various administrative roles and reporting
  • Cost reduction

Please download the documentation

Set Top Boxes for IPTV

Arris VIP1113Arris VIP1113 is the smallest IPTV Set-Top Box. It is suitable for concealed installations  and provides high-quality IPTV services such as TV broadcast in high resolution, time-shift, applications on demand, interactive applications and OTT services. This is a very compact, efficient and cost-effective solution. Please download the documentation

Arris VIP2853Arris VIP2853 is economically efficient device that provides high-quality IPTV services such as TV broadcast  in high resolution, on-demand services, interactive applications, DVR/time shift and OTT services. This IPTV Set-Top Box stands out because it supports customers with DVR module, as well as those without it, and with the same device. Please download the documentation

Set Top Boxes for cable operators

Arris HMC3021Arris HMC3021 is a cable Set-Top Box that will satisfy even the most demanding users. It’s a cost effective solution and is designed to convert digital signal to HD content. Supports a wide range of video signals, decodes standard MPEG 2, H.264, MPEG 4 streams and the most of audio and video formats. Please download the documentation

Arris CM820Arris CM820 is DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 cable modem (Set Top Box for cable operators), which provides ultra-fast data transfers to residential and business customers. It is designed to support services for the most demanding customers and fully supports the new IPv6 services. With the CM820 cable operators can offer transmission services at speeds over 300Gb/s. Please download the documentation

Arris CM550Arris CM550 is a cable modem (Set Top Box for cable operaters) designed for cable operators as well as for the needs of end users. Enables operators to increase revenue through good design and customers allows very easy installation, very high throughput, and small sizes makes it suitable for integration into any space. Supports DOCSIS® 2.0 and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 standards. Please download the documentation

Set Top Box devices for terrestrial television

Arris DTT 802Arris DTT 802 is a Set-Top Box that supports the DVB-T2 standard. It is a very cost effective device considering  great performances.

Standard functionalities and possibilities

  • Front end: DVB-T2 tuner, RF modulator (available for connection to analogue TV devices)
  • Video: H.264 HP@L4.1
  • Video connectors: HDMI, CVBS
  • Audio: Dolby Digital + PCM
  • Audio connectors: HDMI, SPDIF, 2 x RCA
  • Softver: 27M OmniTV stack with Redkey
  • Buttons: 4 buttons on the front panel for the classic navigation

Technical specification

  • Primary SoC: Renessas EMMA3 SE/P
  • Setting: Standard DVB-T2
  • CA Support: Varies by Country
  • RAM Memory: 128MB std
  • Flash memory: 8MB std
  • Dimensions: 165 x 130 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 300g

Optional functionalities and features

  • USB: USB 2.0 Host
  • Ethernet: 10/100MB/s Full duplex

Software: Additional support for USB DVR and interactive services

A wireless router for video services over Wi-Fi network

Arris VAP2400Arris VAP2400 Wireless Access Point

This is a unique solution in the market that offers the possibility of delivering video and other multimedia content to any point in the user's home, wirelessly. VAP2400 works in standard Wi-Fi 802.11n using 4x4 MIMO technology in conjunction with powerful hardware and provides transmission of multiple video streams in HD or SD format. It is easy for installing and automatic setting, so that can be implemented  by the user without engaging technical support provider. One of the advantages is the ability to connect to the STB devices from other manufacturers. Please download the documentation

  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
  • nice
  • Noja Power
  • r and m