Integrated ICT solutions for Healthcare

TeleGroup offers health institutions and private clinics integrated information - communication solutions that will help them improve their business and hence provide additional quality and efficient services to their patients and enhance collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders. TeleGroup has created customized solutions for this group of users, based on a broad portfolio of ICT systems and specialized applications necessary for the special hospital and laboratory conditions.

From our standard ICT offer proffecional DECT telephony systems enabled for implementation with existing Nurse Call and Paging systems as well as radio communication systems closed/internal type for reliable communications and securing business continuity. We would also like to point out to professional solutions for critical communications designed to be used in “cleanrooms” such as those used for operations, laboratories, pharmaceutical production companies etc. These solutions include flexible and reliable IP and analog intercom systems. We also offer mobile computers, bar code scanners, RFID systems and wireless equipment which provide for higher quality medical staff operations which is constantly on the move and needs to be able to access various databases in real-time from any place and at any time. As upgrades to these aformentioned systems a logical step represents Asset Management software solutions for locating and managing medicine and other assets.

Dynamic medical profession requires constant training and consultation. In the era of digital communications technology is increasingly being used for the purposes of telemedicine, which primarily improves the quality of treatment of patients that can consult in real-time with their physicians who in turn can consult themselves with experts from around the world and share video, audio and other data types. Technological support for telemedicine consists of video conferencing systems. TeleGroup, a regional partner of Polycom, the world leaders in this field, implements modern videoconferencing systems that indirectly improve quality of patient care and on the other hand are used for education of the medical staff.

Another example of use of modern technology as means to improve the quality of treatment and to provide timely assistance to patients is the mHealth solution that TeleGroup developed in cooperation with its subsidiary company Telegroup DunavNET. It is a mobile health monitoring system that allows for easy, simple and accurate monitoring and reporting of various health parameters, regardless of the location of the patient and his/hers activities. This solution, based on a flexible platform that benefits from wireless and mobile information transmission, is ideal for clinics that are willing to offer their patients modern technological solutions and thus improve the level of services they offer.


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