Optimizing IT resources

Virtualization as a technology has become a trend in the world, without which one can not imagine the work of modern data center companies. Though as a technology, virtualization has been present for a long time, it became widely used only after the development of support for virtualization on the x86 platform, in both large enterprises and for smaller users. TeleGroup offers its customers complete solutions for virtualization.  


  • Delivery and installation of the hardware components of the system
  • Installing virtualization software
  • Migration of user applications on virtualized environment
  • Monitoring the operation of the system
  • Implementation of Security Solutions in virtual environments

In accordance with customer requirements TeleGroup creates customized solutions based on the products of renowned companies.

TeleGroup offers turnkey solutions for implementing virtualization and infrastructure such as VCE Vblock and IBM Pureflex product families. These are fully-integrated systems designed in accordance with years of experience and manufacturers guarantee the highest possible performance with the implementation time reduced to a minimum.

TeleGroup Solutions 

Server virtualization

Wmware virtualisation software

Also the most common type of virtualization in the world and in our country, which is present in virtually all data centers. With increase of demanding IT services and the increasing number of servers in the data center, virtualization is now established as a solution to reduce operating and capital expenses. This technology enables you to run effectively a number of "virtual" servers on a single physical server, thus optimizing the system, reducing the investment in hardware, space and power and increasing the safety and reliability of the system.

Storage virtualization


More demanding IT services have caused the skyrocketing of the amount of data necessary to be retained, resulting in the need for Constant expansion of the system storage, preservation and archiving of data in the data center. Therefore storage systems are becoming more complex and harder to manage. As a solution to these problems TeleGroup offers virtualization storage systems.Virtualization of storage system is in principle an added layer between application servers and storage, so that all storage resources in the data center can be "seen" as a consolidated virtual storage. In this way the solution facilitates the booking of resources, reducing the overall amount of resources needed by storage systems, increases security and allowing the addition of new and turning off old physical storage systems without interruption of service. 

Desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization involves switching desktop environment in the data center. In most of data centers, the user uses a thin client instead of the PC, which delivers an entire desktop environment for the user at boot. The entire processing is happening in the data center where it is stored, as well as all of thel data. A thin client is used to display the results of the image on the monitor. This solution simplifies administration, extends the life of the workstation, reduces overall costs, increases data security and accelerate performance of applications.

Application virtualization


Virtualization of applications involves the centralization of all applications on the servers in the data center. On servers run applications that would otherwise be located on workstations and the user is supplied only with the required application files. In this way the solution maintains only one instance of the application in the whole system and drastically reduces the time required to install new applications or upgrade existing ones. On the customer's side the significant savings are reflected in lack of necessity for hardware renewal, since applications are not run on the user end. Reliability of the data is much higher, since there are no more data which is available locally  - instead all data is located in the data center. Application availability is 99.99%, and in this way the applications become available everywhere and at any time.

The introduction of virtualization solutions users realize multiple advantages

  • Increasing efficiency of server infrastructure from 5-15% up to 80%
  • Necessary time needed to install a new server is reduced by 70%
  • Management of all virtual servers is performed from the same place
  • Reduction of capital costs of hardware procurement by 50%
  • Reduction of operating costs for electricity by 80%
  • It allows the simultaneous operation of several versions of the same operating system, or a completely different operating system
  • Solves the problem of migration of traditional applications from old to new hardware as it sees only virtualized interfaces that do not depend on the hardware on which it is located
  • Makes it easy to increase the performance of each of the virtual servers simply by adding hardware resources in a virtualized environment
  • Increases the reliability of the infrastructure to the highest possible level, because of hardware failure does not result in downtime of virtual machines that use these resources.
  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
  • nice
  • Noja Power
  • r and m