Rapid technology development and increasing market demands for broadband services are forcing telecom operators and service providers to keep constantly investing in the development of broadband access networks. TeleGroup provides technical solutions for these challenges and provides design, equipment delivery, implementation and maintenance of wireless communication networks based on GSM, 3G, LTE, WiMAX and Microwave Radio technologies. In this area, TeleGroup implemented a great number of projects for Telekom Serbia, Srpska Telekom, Telekom Slovenia Group ONE, Annex, PPA Banja Luka, VeratNet, Orion Telecom, Ministry of Finance - Customs Administration, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, PD Kolubara, Cacak City, HPP on Trebišnjica etc..

Through partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers such as Cambium Networks, Alvarion, Ceragon, SAF, Ericsson and SUB10, TeleGroup provides its end users with the most modern equipment necessary for the implementation of technical solutions.


Within its portfolio, Alvarion offers BreezeNET line of products for the Point-to-Point connections with up to 250 Mbps flow. It is an efficient, reliable and cost-optimized solution for connecting two points in the urban environment up to 60km away.
From Ceragon Networks solutions we mention FibeAir and Evolution  product line that meet the needs of operators for radio relay links. They are covered with full IP networks, SONET / SDH and hybrid wireless backhaul networks. It is possible to build high capacity backhaul networks in Carrier Ethernet, TDM and Multiservis systems, based on these solutions.

SAF Technic a leader in the field of microwave links has two product lines CFIP I FreeMile in its portfolio. CFIP is most commonly used for Fast Ethernet connectivity, and it is possible to make a link connection for 20 E1 interfaces to transfer voice communications. Maximum capacity of one link is 366 Mbps, but may have a combination of channel width of 7, 14, 28, 40 and 56 MHz with the use of QPSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 64QAM, 128QAM and 256QAM modulation which allows flexibility in the choice of capacity and flow to specific needs. FreeMile includes links operating in the unlicensed ISM spectrum at 5.8, 17 and 24GHz allowing Ethernet and E1 data transmission or speech.

Ericsson offers a series of microwave links, which consists of products MINI-LINK TN, MINI-LINK CN, MINI-LINK PT, MINI-LINK SP, MINI-LINK LH i Marconi LH. These links are ideal for fast and optimal construction of backhaul networks in all scenarios where it is necessary to connect TDM and / or Ethernet solution.

Mobile operators are facing growing challenges to transfer large amounts of data in real time, such as video streaming, video telephony and other services. Fourth-generation networks allow such demanding services using  micro and pico cells architecture. Through partnership with SUB10 TeleGroup offers an ideal solution for 4G transport network. These are innovative solutions Liberator V320 with flow up to 320Mbps and Liberator V1000 with flow up to 1Gbps. In most countries, 60Ghz scope is unlicensed or licensed in lite mode and is suitable for use in heavy schedule links for oxygen absorption in these frequencies, which ensures the smooth running of links. The aforementioned products are small in size 18x18cm and are easy to install and implement. In addition, the offer includes links with a range of 70/80 GHz with full duplex flow of 1Gbps and a range of several kilometers.


The fastest and most economical way to provide broadband internet access and advanced services is by using wireless broadband systems based on Wi-Fi, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX. TeleGroup provides its end users with  design services, implementing and maintaining systems for broadband wireless access while offering  the world's most advanced equipment manufacturers such as Motorola, Cambium Networks and Alvarion.

We suggest the following Motorola solutions

- MOTOMESH is a proven technology that provides fixed and mobile broadband wireless access. MOTOMESH network can be constructed as a single and as a dual radio operating in unlicensed frequency bands around 2.4, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz in standard 802.11b / g. Provided services include: broadband Internet access, video surveillance, voice and video content transfer. MOTOMESH is used by service providers, business and government institutions.

We suggest the following Cambium Networks solutions

- Canopy PMP 100 is a cost-effective solution that combines the Access Point and Subscriber modules for broadband wireless access. This solution is designed for residential and business users and provides access to the Internet, VoIP services, video streaming, etc. The main features are: low latency of 5 -7 msec, bandwidth up to 14Mbps and the ability to work in the bands from 900MHz to 5GHz.

- Cambium PMP 320 is a solution for broadband wireless access in WiMAX 802.16e standard. It is suitable for service providers and business users who want to provide a reliable service for transfer of data, voice and video content. The equipment  operates in 3.6GHz and 3.5GHz range. 

- Canopy PMP 400 is a solution that provides broadband wireless access in the spectrum around 4.9GHz. It is recommended for  local governments and government agencies that want to provide reliable and quality broadband up to 20Mbps flow. Using OFDMA technology provides connectivity in conditions where there is no direct line of sight between the Access Point and Subscriber Module. This solution supports services such as leased line replacement, video surveillance, traffic control, alarm systems ...

- Canopy PMP 430 is a solution that provides broadband wireless access using unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz band around. It uses OFDMA technology and provides reliable transmission of data, voice and video at speeds of up to 40Mbps even in conditions without direct line of sight between the Access Point and Subscriber Module at distances up to 48 km. It is characterized by low latency of just 3.5ms, making it ideal for services, voice and video communications. 

- Canopy PMP 450 is a solution that provides wireless broadband access with flow rates up to 90Mbps. It is interoperable with equipment from the series 100 and 430 so in addition with PMP 450 Access Point and Subscriber Module to an existing network, it can expand capacity and increase the flow of residential and business customers.

We suggest the following Alvarion solutions

Alvarion Point To MultiPoint
BreezeCOMPACT is a small base station with great features, easy installation, and can be associated with different types of antennas. It is used for economic development of broadband wireless access in fixed and mobile environments. It is characterized by the radio part  that can be optimized for use in WiMAX 802.16e, WiMAX 802.16e + and TD-LTE standards.

BreezeULTRA is a product line that provides wireless broadband access in the frequency range of 4.9 - 5.9 GHz using 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. 

WBSn is a solution that provides wireless broadband access in the frequency ranges of 2.4GHz and 5GHz using the Wi-Fi 802.11n standard. Suitable for Internet service providers who want to provide Wi - Fi access to outdoor users.

BreezeMax is the solution for 4G wireless broadband by WiMAX standard. It is known for its proven application in  large number of service providers. 

BreezeMax Extreme is a series of products that provide broadband wireless access to standard 802.16eu WiMAX in frequency ranges 3.6, 3.65, 3.8, 4.9 and 5.xGHz. Using OFDMA and MIMO technology, service is  possible in conditions where there is no line of sight between the Access Point and Subscriber Module.

BreezeACCESS is a solution for broadband access in rural and urban settings, which operates in the frequency range from 900MHz to 5GHz. It is intended for service providers, businesses and government institutions and supports services for data, voice and video content.


The latest solution developed by Cambium Networks ePMP is a new standard in wireless broadband. High performance,integrated PTP and PMP technologies. 

We highlight the following Cambium Networks solution:


Solution for wireless service providers and enterprises which need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly deployed and expanded. The new ePMP solution provides stable coverage across large service areas and enhances your existing infrastructure.

ePMP 1000

ePMP1000 radios support an impressive 200+ Mbps throughput to deliver bandwidth-intensive services such as VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data to end users across multiple vertical markets. The ePMP is optimized for outdoor applications, offering connectivity up to 13 miles with one efficient PTP and PMP integrated radio. ePMP using the 5 GHz frequency spectrum.

Vertical Markets and Solutions where ePMP would be applied 

  • Wireless Service Providers (WISPs)
  • Rural connectivity
  • Municipal connectivity
  • Remote office connectivity
  • Primary or redundant connectivity
  • Enterprises
  • Video surveillance backhaul
  • Device/site monitoring
  • LAN extension
  • Leased line replacement
  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
  • nice
  • Noja Power
  • r and m