Mobile computers, Barcode scanners, RFID systems, equipment for Wlan

Through partnerships with Motorola, Asap Systems and a consulting company Delicom, TeleGroup offers  complete Enterprise Mobility solutions  which provide efficient and reliable performance whether it is production, storage, distribution, logistics, supply chain, fixed asset management or field service etc. These solutions are used in all market segments and offer automation of working  processes which can result in significant savings in time, labor and  hiring of total company resources while minimizing the factor of human error.

Business processes which run using hardware and software solutions from our Enterprise Mobility portfolio are more reliable, more efficient and more optimal. The hardware side of the overall TeleGroup portfolio offers powerful Motorola devices, which have been delivered as complete solutions for companies and organizations such as the Business Registry Agency of Republic of Serbia, Peštan and others.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions include

1. Mobile computers
2. Barcode scanners and Micro kiosks
3. RFID systems
4. Devices for WLAN
5. Warehouse Management System and Asset Management Software


Motorola mobile computers with its superior scanning mechanisms allow automatic data collection and processing information at the source which provides maximum mobility and efficiency of the staff. These devices enable the integration of voice and data transmission, which makes them an ideal solution for business improvement in all market segments. They are heavily used in warehousing, distribution of goods, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, retail, postal services, oil and gas industry, education, healthcare, government institutions, and public utilities, the energy sector and so on.

TeleGroup provides its Clients with the ability to maintain their device through a Maintenance Contract of three or five years, thus insuring Client’s initial investment. Regardless of the cause of failure, the devices are promptly serviced or replaced with new ones in order to ensure smooth continuity of business processes.

Barcode scanners and Micro Kiosks

Motorola scanners are known for their superior scanning mechanisms which allow recognition of even damaged 1D and 2D bar codes. They connect with ease with other devices in business network, which facilitates simple implementation of the system. In the market they are well-known for their resistance, reliable and efficient code reading, which makes them an ideal solution for all your business needs. Extended warranty periods for some models lasting up to five years and the possibility of signing a service maintenance contract is what makes TeleGroup’s offer complete.

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RFID systems are actually next generation barcode systems. The reading of information that is recorded on the chip (RFID tag) is performed using radio technology. Since RFID tags have become more accessible and cost effective even for labeling less valuable items, RFID technology is widely used worldwide in daily operations. TeleGroup offers a complete portfolio of RFID products by Motorola, the inventor of RFID technology and the world market leader with the largest number of patents. The application of RFID technology is enabled on all Motorola mobile computers with integrated RFID module, but it is possible to use separate readers.

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Connecting devices to the network has become a compulsory requirement in daily operations whether it is a desktop or laptop computer, printer, smart phone or mobile computer. We provide our customers with delivery and implementation of the necessary equipment in order to connect to the corporate network using Wi-Fi technology. We offer Motorola equipment, leading in production and standardization of Wi-Fi technology. Motorola, owning many patents in this field, offers WING5 technology which already provides everything that other manufacturers are planning to put on the market in the next few years. With proven expertise in the implementation and maintenance of WLAN infrastructure, combined with superior products manufacturers, TeleGroup delivers reliable and long-term performance for WLAN.

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