IP communications systems, contact centres, applications and SIP IP phones

TeleGroup is one of the leading companies in the region in the implementation of Unified Communications. In this area we offer IP Communication Systems, Applications and SIP IP phone terminals without necessary attaching ourselves to a single manufacturer. Instead depending on the real needs of users, we create custom solutions that will match the price and quality of their requirements and needs.

Unified Communications are a set of new generation applications and devices, which enable users to size, control and manage their calls, messages, data, and software tools from any location, using any device or software interface. They ensure synchronous operation of all applications and software tools, and in addition to optimizing business communications they affect the productivity and quality of relationships between employees, customers and other stakeholders.

TeleGroup in this area has proven knowledge and experience gained through the implementation of projects for almost all major companies and institutions in the region such as the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Presidency of the Republic of Serbia, Elektrovojvodina, Uniqa Insurance, Ericsson, Idea, NIS (Oil Industry of Serbia), GSP Beograd (Public transportation company of Belgrade), Philip Morris, Kolubara and many others.



In the field of IP Communication Systems, TeleGroup has been successfully cooperating for many years with companies Aastra, Cisco Systems and Alcatel – Lucent, offering business clients to, depending on their budget and state of their ICT infrastructure to choose the vendor whose solution will address their needs the most. IP communications systems enable the realization of a number of multimedia services (voice communications, data, video ...), applications as well as integration of services for data and voice.



Main advantages of IP telephony systems

  • Cheaper phone calls, and cost reduction of the total operating costs
  • Higher quality of speech - HD Voice
  • Location independence• New services (call forwarding, direct inbound and outbound dialing, call forwarding, a unique number, integration with web (databases, directory services, "click to dial") and sharing of information, making phone calls through your computer ...)
  • Greater flexibility and scalability of the system Services and applications

Services and applications

  • Integrated voice, video, fax and data
  • Real-time Charging
  • Fax over IP
  • HD Voice
  • Video telephony
  • A unified messaging system
  • Soft phone - Softphone
  • Internet Contact Centers


Applications are those which make the difference between traditional and unified communications systems for voice communication. Applications allow us to fully utilize the network as a single IP connection medium of ICT systems and their mutual integration. In today's business environment, computer, tablet, smart phone, are the basic tools for use in almost all economic sectors. The development of desktop phones has not kept pace with the development of applications for computers, tablets and smart phones, which affects the trend of "consumerization" which dictates the consumer device development solutions for business systems. This trend leads to the demands of business customers that can not be met in any other way than by the addition of suitable applications within the business communications infrastructure. Applications, in essence, allow the integration of desktop telephones with other business applications, or, in extreme cases, lead to a situation where desktop telephone device completely disappears and is replaced by certain applications or SW modules within existing enterprise application users. For example, a computer user can use for calls a word processing application. TeleGroup recognized the importance of applications in unnified communications and synchronizes its applications portfolio with the portfolios of the leading vendors which it represents: Aastra, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and NICE. In addition to these world renowned manufacturers, TeleGroup seeks to identify the needs of the market and to include in its offer those applications which are not produced by well-known producers, but are necessary and complement the portfolio. Such is the UNITEL software, used for managing telecommunication costs, developed by the Romanian company Lasting SW . TeleGroup has successfully implemented and maintains applications for unified communications for companies such as Uniqa insurance, Ministries of Defense of Republic of Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina federation, Elektrovojvodina, NIS, Ministry of Finances, Srbijagas, Ericsson Serbia and Bulgaria and many others.  


  • Contact Centers
  • CTI, computer-telephone integration
  • Voice Mail
  • Softphone
  • Central Company Directory
  • Visitor Management
  • Applications for telephone operators
  • Applications for the integration of smartphones in the company's unified communications infrastructure
  • Applications for the collection, storage and analysis of unstructured data

We suggest following Solutions

Traditional telephony is slowly being replaced with advanced unified communications. One of the preconditions for the full utilization of the advanced features of IP telephony is to replace the existing user equipment with IP SIP phone terminals that allows full Unified Communications experience.

TeleGroup offers a wide range of SIP IP phones and cooperates with leading companies in this field such as Aastra, Polycom, Audiocodes and Mediatrix. It is compatible with all leading suppliers of Enterprise (Asterisk, Aastra, Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Alcatel, ...) and operator IP communication platforms (Ericsson, Broadsoft, Huawei, LG, ...) with the addition of aforementioned  manufacturers' terminal equipment  which is optimized for Microsoft Lync environment.

SIP IP Phones and terminal equipment

SIP IP phones and terminals

H.323 IP phones

Microsoft Lync phones and terminals

  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
  • nice
  • Noja Power
  • r and m