TeleGroup is a distributor for Polycom audio / video conferencing systems in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Macedonia. These solutions are indispensable technological support for modern business. They are designed for companies and organizations that want to optimize operating costs and communicate with customers, partners and employees on geographically distant locations at any time, from anywhere. In addition to reducing costs, these solutions increase productivity and contribute through regular and effective collaboration and strengthening relationships with stakeholders.

Thanks to open standards and a huge number of partners in its ecosystem (Microsoft, Broadsoft, Cisco, IBM, Juniper, HP, Siemens  ...), Polycom HD Telepresence and Video solutions easily integrate with existing solutions and become part of daily work processes. TeleGroup successfully implemented modern audio and videoconferencing systems for Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS), Regus, Microsoft, Deneza M, InfoBip, Philip Morris, Alpha bank, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, Nycomed, World Health Organization, Hemofarm… 


Polycom Real Presence Mobile


Expansion of HD video collaboration with users of tablets (Motorola XOOM™, DROID XYBOARD 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 i Apple iPad® 2) and smart phones (iPhone® 4S, iPhone 5).


Polycom Real Presence Desktop

Polycom RealPresence Desktop solution has adequate ratio of quality, price, ease of use and performances for distributed organizations to provide their users with high-definition video collaboration. 

Solutions from the HDX series


polycom hdx4000

 Polycom HDX4000 serija 

Polycom® CMA ® Desktop

Polycom® Telepresence m100

Business Media Phone


Polycom Real Presence Room

Brings powerful experience of HD video communication rooms of various sizes, from amphitheaters to meeting rooms. With a variety of configurations and connectivity, advanced features for data exchange, Polycom room telepresence solutions help individuals and groups to connect effortlessly in their natural environment and organize, regardless of their location. 

Solutions from the HDX series






HDX6000 – medija centar

Polycom® HDX Media Center

Polycom® Practitioner 
Cart™ HDX® Unit


Polycom Real Presence Immersive

Complete solution for high resolution communication for large teams with a complete solution (furniture, screens, sound systems, lighting ...) 

• Polycom® RealPresence™ Experience (RPX™)
Polycom® Open Telepresence Experience™ (OTX™) 100 and 300
Polycom® Architected Telepresence Experience™ (ATX™)

rpx-series-lg otx-300-lg atx-hd300-lg

Polycom and Microsoft Lync collaboration

Polycom is the only company that provides a scalable, high-definition audio / video integration with Microsoft ® Lync ™ Server 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint ® Server 2010 for companies, but also between companies that use these solutions.

  • Direct integration  - Polycom audio and videoconferencing and collaboration solutions work directly with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Microsoft core infrastructure as Active Directory ®, without the need for additional gateways, thus reducing the total cost of investment in infrastructure
  • Inovative solutions  - Polycom offers solutions that  increase productivity, encourage enterprise business processes by facilitating communication at all levels 
  • Comprehensive portfolio -The entire line of special purpose CX solution is optimized for use with Microsoft Lync environment, and there are solutions from other families who are directly interoperable with MS Lync Server 
  • Business users and B2B communications  - Polycom audio and video solutions use Microsoft Lync infrastructure which enables smooth connectivity and communication between companies, which means that the security is set to forward calls between these categories of users
  • Simplified management and security  -  Microsoft and Polycom deliver a highly scalable and reliable conferencing solutions that facilitate further development, monitoring and management of systems, helping customers to optimize the costs of the UC infrastructure 
  • Scalable Business Communication -   The Polycom ® RealPresence ® platform provides the scalability, high availability and redundancy of audio and video communications and streaming media
  • Video content management throughout the life cycle of content - Polycom RealPresence Media Manager is a proactive IT management console, which helps companies to define rules to manage demanding video content (requires large memory capacity and high-bandwidth) during the entire life cycle of content 

All Polycom video conferencing systems can be integrated with Microsoft Lync platform by using the broadcasting license. 

Video conferencing systems designed exclusively for integration with Microsoft Lync platform: 


CX7000                                                    CX5000 – Round table kamera

Cisco TIP connecting

New versions of Polycom devices can provide connectivity with Cisco TIP protocol and thereby ensure the involvement of non-standard Cisco systems in communication with users who are not using Cisco equipment.



  • Cost reduction for transportation, accomodation, meals... 

  • Saving of time that would be spent on travel and meetings 

  • Increased productivity - effective meetings, consultations, agreements, negotiations, etc.

  • Improved internal communication and teamwork

  • More Effective Decision Making

  • Training of employees 

  • Involving of the staff in the meeting, no matter where they are

Market verticals

  • Telecom operators and service providers 
    • SIP phones with excellent sound quality (SoundPoint IP series  and audio conference phones SoundStation IP series)
  • Government
  • Ministry of Justice 
    • Connection of  courtrooms  and testimony from secure locations
    • Connecting prisons in order to reduce costs and risks associated with the transport of prisoners
    • Connecting with medical institutions for remote examination of prisoners
  • Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior
    • Connecting and consultations in critical situations
    • Inclusion in the conference call from the field, timely, and video information in critical situations
    • Timely decisions making
    • Staff training
  • Business systems 
    • Increase of productivity
    • Time and money saving, better  productivity
    • In the case of foreign representative offices - link to company headquarters to facilitate arrangements, monitoring corporate standards, arrangements and consultations
  • Financial sector
    • Banks – for regular and extraordinary collegiate and the credit committee
    • Staff training
  • Health care (Telemedicine)
    • Consultations with international specialists
    • Training of employees - internal and external
    • Consultations for workers in the field
    • Possibility of monitoring operations in remote locations
    • Connecting with other medical elements (laparoscopic cameras, cameras for general examination, ultrasound, a stethoscope, a colposcope, an otoscope ...)
    • Working from home - urgent consultations
    • Linking the patient and the doctor - and the possibility of consulting a doctor when he is not present
    • AES encryption for data security
    • Connecting with other hospitals in the country / abroad and medical schools
    • Hospital administration – meetings, consiliums...
    • Recording meetings, operations, lectures…
  • Educational institutions
    • Interesting methods – students higher interests
    • Practicing the language by connecting  with foreign colleagues
    • Foreign teachers visits
    • students who did not attend the lecture can review the recorded lectures
  • Retail
    • Centralized monitoring and communication with the directors of all stores
    • Internal training of staff
  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
  • nice
  • Noja Power
  • r and m