Reliable IP, digital and analogue intercom systems

TeleGroup cooperates with Norwegian company Zenitel, which is one of the world leaders in the field of professional development solutions for critical communications. They are intended for markets that operate in specific environments where security is a matter of life or death and where available and reliable communication solutions are always required. Users who have the greatest need for these systems include the police, army, fire service, prisons and correctional institutions, courtrooms, hospitals. Critical Communication Systems are of significant technological assistance on transport and cargo ships and industrial plants, etc.

Zenitel within its product portfolio has several brands of which we point out to Stentofon flexible and reliable IP, digital and analog intercom systems, as well as the most common commercial brands in the electronic intercom system and the PRO700 Bi - Way.



Solutions and products

  • AlphaCom XE Audio Servers

    The most powerful and flexible IP communications platform on the market that allows the security system to respond in the most efficient and quickest way possible during critical situations.

  • Stentofon Turbine 

    IP and analog intercom stations for use in factories, buildings and public facilities ... 

  • Stentofon Pulse

    IP intercom system with up to 16 intercom stations, ideal and economical solution for smaller applications. The system is expandable and can be associated with SIP terminals and gateways from other manufacturers. Application located in parking lots, gas stations, in doctors' offices, supermarkets ...

  • Desk stations

    IP and analog desktop intercom station with a range of models with dual displays...


  • Wall stations

    Similar to the desk stations, with high-quality speaker and microphone, designed for installation in a wall and for wall mounting. Wall station (analog and IP) have a number of features and functions that meet the maximum safety requirements. Ideal for use at airports, hospitals, important buildings and correctional facilities ...


  • Stations resistant to breaking and burglary

    Analog Stations for cells with one or five keys especially designed for this purpose. The advanced security solutions for detecting screams, attacks and attempted station break-ins.


  • Stations for prisons and correctional institutions

    Analogne stanice za ćelije sa jednim ili 5 tastera, specijalno dizajnirane za ovu namenu. Napredna sigurnosna rešenja za detektovanje vriska, napada i pokušaja obijanja stanice...


  • Industrial stations

    Ranging from light to heavy industrial master station and substation  designed to operate in harsh industrial conditions. Large durable keys allow easy handling with work gloves. Have a special built-in microphone with automatic adjustment input sensitivity to the noise level.


  • PRO 700

    Fully electronic intercom system for direct conversation and fast hands free internal communication of up to 40 people. All elements of the system are interrelated (without central unit) and allow you to connect any station to any other station or substation in the system.


  • Security Counter Communication System (Bi-Way)

    Solves the problem of communication between people on both sides of the safety glass (counter). Duplex controller switches directions of the speech in order to provide two-way communication in natural environments with different levels of noise, without pressing the keys.



Although Stentofon systems can find their application in all market segments, some of the most common examples include:

  • Airports
    Visitors / travelers communication, airport operational communications, airport security systems...
  • Parking garages
    Communication at the parking lot if a user remains blocked at the entrance / exit, due to problems with the payment terminal. Possible integration with CCTV cameras.
  • Hospitals and other healthcare institutions
    Thanks to the special stations that are resistant to chemical disinfectants, high potential arises in health care in clean rooms and operating rooms. They are also suitable for hospital rooms, counters, on the wards and in the hallways, waiting rooms ... They can be set in areas that focus on safety and security (areas with limited access, basements, car parking lots ...)
  • Prisons and correctional institutions
    For communication with the prisoner through specially designed stations, which provide additional security with integrated alarms for identifying "screams”. Possible integration with CCTV cameras, various alarms and Motorola Tetra stations.
  • Industrial plants
    For use in harsh, industrial environments, Stentofon offers a wide variety of industrial stations and guarantees the most effective communication system for any type of industrial plant. These stations are applied both at the industrial / factory plants and at the inlet and evacuation points. 


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