Motorola digital and analogue radio systems

TeleGroup is a distributor of Motorola Solutions company for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of Analogue and Digital Two-way Radios. These solutions are indispensable support for modern communications technology, often irreplaceable when it comes to "mission critical" operations. They are intended for companies and organizations that need to achieve reliable communication at any time and from any location.
Motorola Solutions portfolio includes equipment for conventional analog radio systems (radio, infrastructure) which are intended for functional radio systems. Such systems are still widely used by users such as police, military, electric power companies, although the trend has significantly changed in favor of digital systems in the last 10 years.

 Today, TETRA is increasingly used for the purposes of public safety while for commercial use, Motorola Solutions developed MOTOTRBO digital platform which combines plenty of advantages with an acceptable price.

 Existing analog program will be replaced by the end of 2014 by digital systems (Digital Mobile Radio), which provide reliable and better communication to end users, and at the same time support series of analog functions allowing full use of the existing analog systems. For the users who are unable to migrate to a digital platform, Motorola Solutions through daughter company Vertex Standard, will continue production and delivery of analogue radio stations of high quality and with competitive price.

TeleGroup is one of the leaders in the regional ICT market in the field of functional radio system and is a reliable partner to many companies and institutions that have the need for highly reliable communication systems, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Finance - Customs Administration, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade/Podgorica Airport, Serbian Railways, Petroleum Industry of Serbia, Thermal Power Station Kostolac, Thermal Power Station Kolubara, the Trebišnjici Hydropower, thermal power Station Gacko, Communal Police Belgrade, Communal Police Novi Sad, Zrenjanin and Šabac, OSCE ...



MOTOTRBO is a technology developed by Motorola Solutions and is fully compatible with standard DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), which was developed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). About 2 million MOTOTRBO stations have been sold in the world so far.

 Today's analog two-way radio communications are still dominant in the world for distribution, but they have their limitations. Digital technology offers the integration of voice and data services and various new features like text messaging, integration with GPS technology, integration with the fixed network and others. Also, the batteries of digital stations last up to 40 % longer, the transmission of the sound is cleaner and allows twice the number of users at one frequency license. With this in mind, Motorola Solutions designed their MOTOTRBO series so that the transition from analog to digital technology can easily be done. The MOTOTRBO stations can operate in analog and digital mode. This allows easy and smooth transition from analogue to digital systems.

With MOTOTRBO stations you can purchase and Service from the Start option from service guarantee. Service from the Start covers physical damage of the stations, as well as the other advanced service options.

We emphasize the following solutions:
Mototrbo portable radio stations
Mototrbo mobile radio stations
Mototrbo ATEX radio stations
Mototrbo infrastructure

Although analogue radio systems are slowly becoming obsolete, they are very present in the world. Motorola Solutions is a long-time leader and innovator in this field. Out of state services, through the production systems, the service sector and logistics, reliable communication for optimal tasks performance is necessary to all of us. Motorola Solutions two-way radio systems are making this possible.

We emphasize the following solutions:
Analogue  portable radio stations
Analogue mobile radio stations
Analogue ATEX radio stations

Terrestrial Trunked Radio or TETRA is a standard developed by the agency European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) in 1995. TETRA uses TDMA system for data transmission and enables connections of "point to point" type as well as connections like "point to multipoint". Mobile stations can operate in direct (DMO) or trunked (TMO) mode. It is possible to transfer text messages and data. TETRA terminals can operate in a full-duplex mode, such as mobile phones. The integration with the PSTN network is also possible.

Dimetra is a technology developed by Motorola Solutions in accordance with the TETRA standard. Dimetra will allow you secure communication and data transfer. It also supports a number of applications developed by Motorola, as well as applications that you can develop yourself and install it. There is also a list of services that you can choose.

TETRA Key Capabilities

TETRA Services

We emphasize the following solutions:
Tetra  portable radio stations
Tetra mobile radio stations
Tetra ATEX radio stations
Tetra infrastructure
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