May 06, 2015


The seventh regional, and the third in a row to take place in Serbia, “TeleGroup Infosec 2015“ information security conference was held on April 23rd in Belgrade. The latest technological solutions for ICT systems protection against hackers, computer viruses and other forms of information abuses on the internet were presented. Representatives of the leading global companies in the area of information security, such as IBM, Check Point, F5, Gemalto, Trend Micro and Verimatrix, in cooperation with TeleGroup representatives, sheared their knowledge with over 250 guests about the latest solutions for Network, Data, Cloud and Applications Security. Key Note Speaker, Mr. Saša Živanović, Head of the Cyber Crime Department at the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, emphasized the importance of strategic collaboration between the government, public and private sectors for the purpose of repression of cybercrime as well as protection of IT resources. He emphasized as well his views by using examples on how to react in a situation when IT ecosystem has already been attacked.

“The era of digital economy and everyday use of computers, smart phones, tablets and social media, requires to secure maximal conditions for our private and other Data Security against Internet misuses. Business users and public institutions need to provide even greater IT and communication resources protection against targeted attacks, computer viruses and other information abuses. Our job, as a company which provides advanced IT security systems, is to, other than simply providing the latest solutions, also ensure continual education in order to build the wider public’s consciousness about the importance of preventive protection against cybercrime”, said Diana Gliorijević, Chief Marketing Officer at TeleGroup.

Efficient Network and Data Security requires the use of specialized devices and software applications directly on the client’s network whose task is to recognize, stop and remove threats timely, thus eliminating significant financial loses for companies or institutions as well as avoiding risk of losing the client’s confidence, the company’s reputation, data, identity, etc.

“Our strategic commitment is to, other than simply providing suitable solutions, in the most direct way, work on raising influence and public consciousness about the importance of strategic investments in Information Security which we should consider to be the foundation of social and economic stability of any country. Companies, as well as institutions in the region are still not well aware about the importance of Data Security and are still guided by the naive belief that they will not be a victim of a hacker’s attack. The reality is that the hacker’s attacks are happening and that the system recovery requires a lot more, not only time, but financial resources as well. Damage recovery is ultimately more expensive than timely implementation of a Security System”, said Dalibor Ratković, Regional ICT solutions director at TeleGroup.

After introductory lectures, renowned companies presented their solutions for Data, Network, Cloud and Applications Security. The first on stage was Luther Knight, IBM representative, who spoke about Mobile Security. By integrating with ISAM (Security Access Manager), DataPower (Gateway) i Trusteer (Mobile Security) IBM expanded its Security portfolio.

Ronald Pool, Information Security expert, indicated the ever more difficult task of dealing with threats, that we are exposed to on a daily basis, and presented the latest and most efficient solutions that company Trend Micro has produced in order to provide Applications & Data Security.

Martin Koldovsky from Check Point company, which is an international leader in the area of IT Security, presented solutions for uncompromising Network, Data and end users protection.

Anna Rewers shortly presented SefeNet company which is now part of the company Gemalto. By using SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions, Gemalto provides the companies from all market verticals, including financial, government and public institutions, to use their innovative methods of encryption, the best in class cryptology techniques, for authentication and identification.

Sven Müller, representative from F5 company, presented the latest attacks at applicative level “Layer 7” and pointed out ways for its protecting, with so called “Layer 7 DDoS” protection systems. Company F5 provides solutions in area of different applications. It enables organizations to impeccably optimize Cloud, Data Center and Software Defined Networking (SDN) developments so that the users can successfully deliver their applications to all types of organizations, at any time and at any location.

Milan Mitić, Telegroup representative, presented solutions for video content protection by our partner company Verimatrix, a renowned leader in the area of software based on CA/DRM security solutions which are implemented and rewarded across the globe. VCAS for Internet TV provides complete multi-screen security solution for OTT, including live streaming and delivery of Voice on Demand, or respectively Video on Demand content. Verimatrix provides 3-dimensional content security: one CA headend supports multiple networks, screens and layers of protection.

About the conference

TeleGroup Infosec conference was established with an aim of raising the level of Information Security in the Western Balkans and it is becoming one of the most influential IT Security events in the region. As an IT company that is involved with security technologies, we wanted to support the efforts of regional IT associations in emphasizing to public organizations and general public about Information Security as the most important resource of every country and to point out the ever more sophisticated threats in cyber space, which can destabilize regional economies and societies. In that sense, it is necessary to systematically introduce mechanisms of protection against cybercrime, which is the responsibility of both public structures and the general public, and it is expected that IT companies secure quality solutions.

The first Infosec conference was held in 2011 in Republic of Srpska. Since then seven conferences have taken place in Serbia and Republic of Srpska, since the conference is held twice annually and separately in both markets since 2013. The plan is that, in the near future, the conference is held in the rest of TeleGroup’s markets.

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