Engineering of modern telecommunication, IT, electric power and gas infrastructure

For the past 16 years, TeleGroup has been providing design and construction of telecommunication, IT, gas and electricity infrastructure. We own all necessary design and construction licences issued by relevant ministries of Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 

Our engineering department has around 100 expert employees. Over 35% of the department are licensed engineers who are licensed architects and contractors in the field of telecommunications, energy, construction and engineering. The remaining staff is consisted of experienced technicians and installers, who take care about the quality implementation of technical solutions.      

TeleGroup has all the necessary machinery, latest equipment and instruments for the provision of high quality services to the construction of telecommunications, IT, electricity and gas infrastructure.



Construction of optical and wireless transmission system includes construction, assembly and integration work on behalf of the operators and the users. Design of access networks is based on next-generation technologies, allowing the use of modern protocols such as IP, SIP, MGCP, MEGACO etc.

Knowledge and extensive experience in the implementation of projects for telecom operators, service providers and large business systems, has given TeleGroup the opportunity to build and integrate telecommunications infrastructure based on a various technologies, using the latest communication standards, whether in fixed or wireless technologies or their integration into a single network.

Construction of mobile communication networks

  • Access Networks (3G/LTE)
  • Transport networks Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet (6 - 40 GHz / 71-76 GHz / E-band) in the licensed and unlicensed frequency bands
  • WiFi and other systems operating in the unlicensed band (3G Load - off)
  • Construction of base stations (raw land and roof top)
  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment base stations (3G/LTE) and integration into the existing network operators
  • Installation and commissioning of radio - relay equipment

Construction of fixed communication networks

  • Transport and access networks
  • Optical metro networks (FTTH / FTTB)
  • Next Generation Networks (NGN) 
  • Construction and renovation of buildings for housing telecommunications and other facilities and equipment
  • Delivery and installation of equipment and materials


Telekom Serbia, Telekom of Republic of Srpska, Targo Telekom, Orion Telekom, Ministry of finance of Republic of Serbia (Customs administration), Ministries of internal affairs of Republic of Serbia and Republic of Srpska, PD RB Kolubara, Directorate of Civil Aviation Banja Luka, Clinical centre Banja Luka,  Electric power industry of Republic of Srpska – Hydroelectric power plants on Trebišnjica, Ministry of defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SHP Group Celex, Studen - Agrana Brčko, Deloitte&Touche Banja Luka, Centrum Trade d.o.o, Integral Inženjering a.d., Inovacioni Centar Banja Luka, Volksbank Banja Luka, Balkan Investment Banka Banja Luka, Komercijalna banka Banja Luka… 

Construction of Data centres

  • Construction and renovation of facilities for housing IT equipment
  • Delivery of server and storage systems
  • Monitoring software and data centre management
  • Video surveillance, access control, fire protection and air conditioning
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Installation works and commissioning of the system


Airport Nikola Tesla, Anti-corruption agency of Serbia, Serbian Transsmision System…  

TeleGroup offers design and construction services of overhead and underground power grids, switchgears and substations as well as reconstruction and adaptation of existing systems. As a qualified contractor for many electricity distribution companies in the region, through quality and efficiency, TeleGroup established itself as a reliable system integrator and supplier of materials and equipment necessary for the implementation of technical solutions. In addition to design and construction of electrical infrastructure, TeleGroup provides its clients with unique systems for real time remote monitoring and control of power networks.

Design and construction of electric power infrastructure

  • Transmission lines and substations, voltage level up to 35kV
  • Electrical access network and pole mounted substations
  • Construction of ADSS network
  • Reconstruction and adaptation of electrip power systems
  • Monitoring and control systems for electrip power networks (SCADA)
  • Construction of public lighting
  • Supplying of materials and equipment necessary for the implementation of technical solutions


Electricity distribution company Elektrodistribucija Beograd, Electricity distribution company Jugoistok Niš, Electricity distribution company Elektrosrbija Kraljevo, Electricity distribution company Centar d.o.o. Kragujevac, Electricity distribution company Kruševac, Electricity distribution company Elektrovojvodina Novi Sad, Electricity distribution company Sombor, Public company Stara Planina, Corridor 10…


TeleGroup performs construction of gas pipelines with medium and high gas pressure as well as gas distribution networks. We offer complete services on a “turnkey” base, which include designing of the infrastructure through construction works and casing on gas digs and drilling sights, machine (welding) works on pipeline construction, isolation works with testing for electrical penetration, complete radiography of welds and testing the strength and tightness of the pipelines. 

Designing and construction of gas infrastructure

  • Production of all types of projects and complete project documentation
    Project types: Conceptual design projects, feasibility studies, detailed designs, built design, technical review of the main project
  • Integrated construction of gas and telecommunication infrastructure
    The advantages of integrated construction is reflected through a reduction of total costs, while simultaneously addressing two infrastructural problems – thus ensuring minimal disruption of functionality and appearance of settlements caused by excavation works.
  • Execution of construction works
    We offer services in mechanical and manual excavation along the route of the gas distribution networks, along with bringing the route back to its original state. We perform drilling with underground installation of steel (polyethylene) pipes with the diameter of up to Ø 1500mm and length of up to 120m.
  • Performing machine – installation works
    Performing machine – installation works, testing the built network, preparation of documents necessary for technical acceptance procedure. (Certificate for butt welding, welding certificate)
  • Delivery and installation of equipment and materials


Yugorosgaz a.d. Beograd., JKP Suboticagas i Rumagas.

  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
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