Development, customization and implementation of software applications

The strategic concept of TeleGroup is the development of software applications that have large impact on the business results of companies and organizations around the world today. Important part of our offer are the design and development of software solutions that meet customer needs as well as  customization, implementation and maintenance of applications.
TeleGroup software engineers ensure interconnectivity of specially developed or non-standard applications and their integration in the enterprise environment and help users exploit and further adjust applications in order to accommodate changes more efficiently in the internal or external environment of their companies.


  • Analysis of requirements and user needs
  • Structuring of user requirements
  • Development and implementation of custom application
  • Development of software solutions in a variety of development environments
  • IT design, implementation, training, maintenance and further development
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Renting of software and user licenses

Strategic platforms

  • Java
  • Microsoft.NET
  • IBM WebSphere


  • Optimal solutions for specific business processes
  • Optimized software development process
  • A wide range of services tailored to customer requirements, from ongoing project management to efficient technical support 

  • Cambium Networks
  • Arris
  • polycom
  • motorola
  • cisco
  • Mitel
  • microsoft
  • ibm
  • check point
  • Blue Coat
  • nice
  • Noja Power
  • r and m